The United Kingdom Has increased The Price of Students And Visit Visas.

The cost of a visit visa to the United Kingdom for stays of less than six months has been disclosed.

Effective October 4, the visa fee will be £115, equivalent to approximately N111,878.28, marking a significant increase from the previous £15, which was about N14,592.70.

This change amounts to a substantial 667 percent increment, as stated by the UK Home Office.

Additionally, the fee for student visas has undergone an upward adjustment, now standing at £490 (approximately N476,677.59), compared to the previous rate of £127 (around N123,537.58), representing a 286 percent increase.

The government has explained that this fee adjustment will enable it to fund essential services and allocate more resources for public sector salary increases.

These revisions are scheduled to go into effect on October 4th.

KNM Staff
Author: KNM Staff

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